Evidence Institute Board of Directors

dr hab. Maciej Jakubowski

President of the board

Maciej Jakubowski is a policy maker, advisor and researcher in education and labor market policy. He served as an under-secretary of state at the Polish Ministry of National Education. He established Evidence Institute to promote evidence-based policy making and large-scale student assessments. Before joining the government, he worked in the OECD PISA team in Paris. He is a consultant for the World Bank, European Commission, UNDP, UNESCO, OECD and cooperates with think-tanks and governments in Europe and the US. He worked as a senior advisor to the Public Education Evaluation Commission in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Jakubowski holds a PhD degree in economics and MA in sociology from the University of Warsaw where he still works as an assistant professor.


dr Tomasz Gajderowicz

Vice President


Tomasz Gajderowicz is a policy advisor in the field of education and the labor market. Tomasz specializes in data science methods for uncovering incentives, that drive educational and professional decisions. He elaborated the framework of the implementation of modern microeconometric techniques in research on preferences and assessments. Tomasz holds Ph.D. in economic sciences, he works as a European Commission expert, World Bank, and ETEC consultant and holds the position of Research Director in Evidence Institute and assistant professor at the University of Warsaw. Tomasz is experienced in a number of international projects and workshops on educational data analysis and policy. He is an author of many publications in the field of transition from education to the labor market.

Marta Rogala

Art Director

Public Relations and Marketing expert, graphic designer, web developer. Educated at the University of Warsaw in the area related to social communication, she has been working in the creative industry for over 10 years. Marta is always 100% committed and enthusiastic about the whole team. At the Foundation, she develops her passion for new technologies in marketing and design. Fascinated by the soul and the human mind, like no one else, he can use modern technology to create solutions tailored to the needs of customers.