The National Student Skills Survey “Competences for the Future” is an annual project successfully implemented since 2017 in Poland.

Since 2017, the Evidence Institute has been preparing and conducting nationwide research on the skills of primary (and previously lower secondary) school students.
We offer local governments, schools, parents, and students a modern tool to reliably examine and compare students’ skills. It is a research-based on the highest methodological research standards and long-term educational practice, using modern technologies.

The study covers three main areas:


Online tests from subjects being later nationally examined for pupils in grade 8 of primary schools and online math tests for pupils in grades 5, 6 and 7

Pupils’ preferences and attitudes

The study analyzes students’ preferences and attitudes. Such analyses, together with test results from examination subjects, are a useful tool for schools, students, and their parents when choosing an educational path.

Analysis of personal strategy

Since 2019 we also offer an analysis of learning strategies. Applications offer assistance to teachers and students in developing effective ways of gaining knowledge.


  • Tests in accordance with the program basis and examination requirements.
  • Tests prepared by professionals on the model of examination tests for students finishing primary school.
  • A unique test that examines students’ preferences identifies their strengths and weaknesses, as well as helps them to choose a secondary school. We are the only institution in Poland to offer such tests to students.
  • The credibility of results, thanks to the use of proven tools. We have been conducting research for schools since 2017 on our own electronic platform for online tests.
  • Accessible, separate reports for schools, students, and parents, available soon after the survey.
  • Comfortable and affordable form of research, using modern computer technologies.
  • Remote technical support and assistance at every stage of the survey.
  • Precise instructions on how to conduct and prepare for the tests and a test scenario available to teachers and schools.
  • We do not collect or store any personal data of students