Tools and data for analysis

Original datasets provided by OECD and the PISA Consortium are not available in Stata format. Below we provide links to data from different PISA cycles in Stata format. Below you can also download the newest version of the PISATOOLS package that facilitates analysis of the PISA data in Stata. You should copy it to your ado/personal folder to access it from Stata. You can download PIAACTOOLS directly in Stata (ssc install piaactools).

Please kindly provide reference to our work if you use it in your research:

Maciej Jakubowski & Artur Pokropek, 2013. „PISATOOLS: Stata module to facilitate analysis of the data from the PISA OECD study”, Statistical Software Components, Boston College Department of Economics.

Jakubowski, M., & Pokropek, A. (2019). piaactools: A program for data analysis with PIAAC data. The Stata Journal, 19(1), 112–128.