Local government units: communes, cities with district rights and districts, play a very important role in the education system. They manage education on their territory, distribute money transferred from the state budget, and add their own resources to it, deciding on the choice of directors or school network. A wise local government can support and develop education on its territory, taking care not only of the current students but above all of its future. Although students and teachers are certainly the most important roles in education, the role of local governments in Poland is also very important.

The aim of the ranking is to indicate those local governments where education is at the highest level. It does not always mean the highest results, because schools and local governments work with students of different potential and face different challenges. The methodology of the ranking takes this into account, and thanks to it, we can indicate places of high quality of teaching. Places where the effort of schools, teachers, and local governments is greater and brings better results. Finally, these are places that have found the key to working together for the benefit of students to create new quality.

Another intention of the ranking’s creators is – apart from indicating such places – to start a discussion on what is behind the high quality of teaching. What qualities do ranking leaders have? What solutions do schools use, and how do they cooperate with the local government? Finally: how does the local government approach education and build its relations with schools? Even in the municipalities at the top of the ranking, not always everything works, and the results are not the highest in every category. However, these are places where, through cooperation, mutual understanding of challenges, and finally, the talent and commitment of teachers and principals, the best possible conditions have been created for students. Let’s learn from them and talk about how these successes can be spread across the country.

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